A gift they'll love all year 😍

Amado sends fun, affirmative messages to someone at random intervals throughout the week, from the people who love them best. 🚀

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What is Amado?

Say Flora 👩🏾‍💼 has a friend named Jonathan 👱‍♂️, with a birthday coming up…

  • Flora reaches out to Jonathan's friends, relatives, and co-workers. They all think of things they love about Jonathan, and it goes into Amado. 🤖
  • On Jonathan's birthday, Flora hits Start 📅✅
  • Every week for the next few months, Jonathan gets 4-6 text messages from all the people in his life with first impressions, happy memories, and affirmations 💌

Clear conscience

Technology should make us happy, not sad.

We should feel closer to people, not more lonely.

Amado does not hijack your attention to look at ads.

Amado does not collect extraneous data.

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